Presentation Cases: Adidas Predator and MiCoach

Presentation is one area where we specialise our work. Presentation cases give a product an instant boost of impact and can really effect a customer’s initial view. The way in which a product is presented builds momentum for its launch and gains interest in the market. These can be utilised by brands and their sponsors to make their product launch something really special. These presentation items are also great for retail displays, collectors editions and signed items. 

We worked with Adidas to create cases to present two new pairs of football boots. The MiCoach and Predator Lethal Zones. These were used to amplify the product within and entice the audience. While still remaining true to the branding and specific colour scheme of the boots.

adidas micoach green acrylic presentation case

Adidas MiCoach

We created a classic square shaped box was made from high quality Acid Green Edge-Lit Perspex acrylic. Giving a futuristic glowing neon edge effect. Matching the bold colour choices on the boots and also the MiCoach green technology inside.

Also, the case was screen printed with “the boot with a brain”, with a textured pattern to match the branding. This layers over the boot presentation, drawing the eye immediately to what is inside.

“The boot with a brain” revolutionised the way players analyse their game play. Also allowing them to track and upload performance data. Including speed, sprints and distance at high intensity levels and time.

Adidas Predator lethal zones

Secondly, we made a pentagon shaped box from high quality Neptune Blue Edge-Lit Perspex acrylic. Matching the blue shade of the boots themselves. Also to match the orange on the boots and branding inside, we screen printed the case. Printing “Unleash Deadly” and the five areas that the boots tackle really make an impact.

Within the industry, the range has been a long-term pioneer. Designed with five zones to deliver performance Adidas are improving game play with every pair. 

Finally, these presentation cases and boots were delivered to sponsored players before the European Championships.

Adidas Predator Blue Acrylic Presentation Box
adidas preditor blue acrylic presentation case
Adidas Predator Blue Acrylic Presentation Box - Front

In addition to fabrication and manufacturing services, Ino-Plaz also have an in-house design team. This allows for full control over the design and makes the process easier as both the designer and fabricator are in one place. The dedicated Graphic Design and CAD specialists use software to create designs and 3D renders of products and ideas. Using this Computer Aided Design improves the quality of the design and creates a database for manufacturing. As well as showing a more realistic 3D representation of the final design.

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