Barbour International Signage

Ino-Plaz specialise in bespoke acrylic signage for established brands and smaller independent companies. We have worked alongside a wide variety of industry leaders in a range of sectors. Giving us the experience and edge when faced with a new project. 

We worked with Barbour on new signage for their retail store in Five Valleys Shopping Centre, Stroud. In this store, they have the original Barbour UK brand and the Barbour International brand. They required illuminated signage for both brands for various areas of the shop. To tie in the two branding schemes to the particular area of the store and to establish the style of the clothes. 

Black and Yellow Illuminated Barbour International Signage

The first signage we created for Barbour was for their International brand. Using black and mustard yellow acrylic to create the iconic logo. In total, we create two of these signs.

Barbour International represents motorcycle heritage, established in 1936

Black and Yellow Barbour International Acrylic Sign 3
Black and Yellow Barbour International Acrylic Sign

“Today, a separate stand alone brand, Barbour International celebrates this long and rich motorcycling heritage. Men’s and women’s collections are inspired by the biker look.  Styles and designs have been replicated in different contemporary fabrics alongside the original wax cotton introducing a whole new generation to this iconic style” – Barbour International

Black and Yellow Barbour International Acrylic Sign 2

Barbour UK Gold Illuminated Signage

For the second set of illuminated signage for Barbour was created using gold mirror acrylic. In total, we created six of these signs

Gold Acrylic Barbour Logo Single
Gold Acrylic Barbour Logos Group

Established in 1894, Barbour now has retail stores in over 40 countries. Though the brand now reaches across the globe, their classic British heritage is still at the forefront.

Gold Barbour Acrylic Sign 2
Gold Barbour Acrylic Sign 3

“Barbour remains true to its core values as a family business which espouses the unique values of the British Countryside and brings the qualities of wit, grit and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing.” – Barbour UK

Gold Barbour Acrylic Sign