Feature Wall & Fixtures: Mulberry

Ino-Plaz have worked alongside many brands on shop displays and solutions. Creating fabricated designs which match their branding, colour scheme and theme of the store.

mulberry handbag display in shop

Working with Mulberry on their store designs involved a new bespoke colour matched acrylic. This was made in 10mm for all the acrylic elements in the stores. With the main feature wall made of varying size strips of the material then bonded together to create a 3d effect. On the panels some of the strips had to allow for a bracket to be clipped over them so the products could be suspended. Each section measuring 5m in length and 600mm wide in some areas they were made up of 4 layers of acrylic.

Mulberry Handbag Display Case in Store
mulberry point of sale unit

Another element for the store where the acrylic shelves in the cabinets all bonded together and finished with a high gloss buff polish. Matching the high quality, established brand.

This design was rolled out to Mulberry’s White City UK, Athens and Saudi Arabia stores.

Mulberry Handbag Wall
Mulberry Counter