ITG London: illuminated Feature Walls

Kelvin Hall: Artwork Installation
August 1, 2018
ITG London: illuminated Feature Walls
LED illumination word wall

When approached to work alongside Principle on a word wall for the London offices of ITG. It was an opportunity for us to use our extensive knowledge of the LED illumination of acrylic and combining it with HI-MACS to create a truly unique feature wall.

This would be the first time in the UK a feature wall with LED illumination would be created using a solid surface material like HI-MACS. So with our experience of LED and the rear illumination of acrylic we were able to assist Principle in achieving the desired effect that would give the feature wall the highest possible impact in the environment it was to be installed in.

With our background in bespoke acrylic fabrication and our continued hand finishing approach means the we could provide a highly desirable product that along with the durability that HI-MACS offers gave ITG a stylish feature that will stand up to rigours of being in a busy office environment.


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