Display Plinths & Table: Phillip Lim

When you want to show Solid Surface to its full potential, as a material to be used for retail furniture first you need a client who is looking for something beyond normal convention. That is what we had in Phillip Lim. A designer who aims to create beautiful everyday classics accented with a sense of madness. Ino-Plaz created the Phillip Lim store with Display Plinths & Table to display products.

Philip Lim Acrylic Display Table

To produce the unique furniture within the stores, there are striking contrasts between the materials. Seamless, solid surface Corian table top, green mink, 24carat gold legs and glass display case. Creating a table that compliments the decor of the store. Also, acts as a focal point, drawing customers to the pieces inside.

philip lim table close up 1
philip lim table close up 2

Finally, these numerous display plinths, which are spread through the store, highlight how materials can be combined and layered. We provided the polished white acrylic tops to match the table. Combined with marble bases to create a high-end, luxury display plinth. Both Display Plinths & Table provide a sense of combining worlds. Giving the store a visual language that mixes modern with classic, exactly what the brand represents.

philip lim marble block 1
philip lim marble block 2
philip lim marble block 3
philip lim marble block 4

In addition to fabrication and manufacturing services, Ino-Plaz also have an in-house design team. This allows for full control over the design and makes the process easier as both the designer and fabricator are in one place. The dedicated Graphic Design and CAD specialists use software to create designs and 3D renders of products and ideas. Using this Computer Aided Design improves the quality of the design and creates a database for manufacturing. As well as showing a more realistic 3D representation of the final design.

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