Vampire Vape – Point of Sale Display

Acrylic Point of Sale_Vampire Vape Unit

Point of Sale Displays with an impact

One of our areas of expertise is point of sale displays and units for retail. We have worked on a wide range of projects, creating designs to elevate the product being displayed. Combining useable, simple designs with out of the box thinking.

For Vampire Vape, we created a tiered shelving unit from clear and violet coloured 3mm acrylic. The open back unit allows for products to be displayed and changed easily. The violet colour adds a bold, modern feel to the unit while also tying in their branding.


In addition to the tiered shelving, we also created a profile cut, uv printed logo to sit on the top of the unit. UV printing allows us to add another element to the display, for this design we reverse pretend the logo. This makes for a glossy finish that catches the eye, while again tying in their branding. After the printing process was complete, we bent up the bottom section of the piece and glued it to the top. Allowing it to sit proud on the unit, this also makes the unit recognisable from afar.

Acrylic Point of Sale_Vampire Vape Logo


These counter display units are useful for a wide range of industries and areas. We can add in elements such as interchangeable panels, open backs, printed areas and much more. We work alongside our customer throughout the project, ensuring that their vision is being brought to life. As we both design and manufacture in house, we have full control over the process. Making it easier for the customer, as their designer and manufacturer are in the same building.