Ino-Plaz Reception Wall

With our Ino-Plaz reception wall well overdue an overhaul, we decided to modernise our office. By striping the existing design and renovating it with the logos of all of our online sites. These sites include: Bobo & Bob, Gaming Displays, Perspex Panels and Way Signage.

First up was the removal of the existing dated logos and letters. These were removed with maximum care to ensure that the plaster and paint damage was minimal. Despite being stuck on with VHB tape, the acrylic was removed with a fair amount of ease leaving only a little bit of work to be done to the wall.

With the wall filled, sanded and painted, we were able to advance with the new design. Starting with a fitting template for the “Welcome To” and “The Home Of” letters, followed by the new logos. We opted for a more modern approach by going with a bold font. These letters are lasered out of 5mm black gloss acrylic.

Finally, the last step was to add the 4 logos to the wall. We did this with plastic sign locators, allowing us to easily remove the logos in the future to clean or replace the logos without damaging the wall. These logos were lasered out of 3mm acrylic, and then layered up.

The modern finished wall allows us to create a synergy between our online companies and shows visitors the other services that we offer. Once it is safe to do so, visitors can see our amazing Ino-Plaz Reception Wall.