Counter Display Unit: Monster Energy

monster energy concept sketch case study



For this unit, the idea was to create counter display units for Monster Energy Drinks. The unit would have an interchangeable back panel. The panel would be different colours depending on the flavour of drink being displayed. Branding needed to be incorporated seamlessly with correct logo and colours.

monster energy case study initial render red



The CAD design team then got to work visualising the unit digitally. The design would need to hold the can of Monster in a stable position. On the back panel, there would be cut outs, creating depth and a visually appealing design. These cut outs will also incorporate the branding and logo.

monster energy case study initial render purple
monster energy case study initial render green
monster energy case study initial render blue



In CAD, the display was finalised. Showing the different colour variations ensures that the unit works. Also at this time, printed artwork is being laid out, ready to print using a UV Flatbed printer.

monster energy green banner
Monster energy Acrylic point of sale display
Monster Energy Blue
Monster Energy Purple



Finally, the counter display units go into production. The final display unit is fully interchangeable, with any colour background available to suit the flavour. On the back panel and front section there is UV printed text and the Monster logo. The finished unit is stable and holds the can in place. Overall, a minimalist design executed well that can be used for every drink flavour.

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