Sculptural Installation: Ron Dearing UTC

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The sculptural installation proposed for the Ron Dearing UTC main atrium is an exciting fusion of art and engineering. Consisting of a complex formation of ‘unique’, rainbow-coloured discs, suspended from the double height ceiling at varying heights and angles.

Each disc is manufactured from 10mm clear Perspex acrylic, oven formed to 1 of 3 different curves. Then, covered in 3m Dichroic film, each measuring a minimum of 1 metre in diameter.

Dichroic film is an innovative, high tech material that changes colour from different angles and lights. A perfect example of how digital technology can be used to fabricate nature, creating constantly changing rainbows.

Ron Dearing UTC - Bespoke Iridescent Acrylic Pieces

When displayed together, the artwork transforms into a visually stimulating, beautiful and organic piece of art. Which creates a central focal point for the main atrium, and reflect the UTC’s specialisms of mechatronics and digital technology.

Ron Dearing UTC - Bespoke Iridescent Acrylic Pieces
Ron Dearing UTC Concept
Ron Dearing UTC - Bespoke Iridescent Acrylic Pieces

The artwork will be a constantly changing, visually stimulating installation that can be viewed from all angles within the UTC. When walking down the stairs or from above when viewed from the mezzanine floor area. It will also be visible and attractive to people passing by outside.

As well as being a highly engineered structure itself, the Sculptural Installation of the artwork will be a highly engineered process. Where the overall aesthetic relies completely on physics and mathematics.