Wall Artwork & Signage: Neasden Primary School

Wall artwork and signage give a space a new lease of life and can be an effective way to tie in branding and colour schemes. Ino-Plaz specialise in communicating branding through acrylic, using our industry knowledge and experience. We have worked alongside a wide range of leaders in a variety of industries. So we understand how to integrate acrylic solutions into a project, working closely with clients.

Alongside Lead Artist Sarah Daniels, we were asked to create wall-based artwork for the school reception, hall and corridors. Which included wall coverings and cut vinyl, with accompanying coloured acrylic stationery artwork. Using high quality, gloss acrylic in red and black to match the colour scheme. The wall artwork and signage was lasered in house based on Sarah’s outline. From working with Sarah on multiple projects, we work in collaboration to bring her take on the brief to life. Turning her vision of the project into a reality. 

The combination of acrylic and vinyl give the areas a multi-dimensional feel, with 3D style lettering coming out of the walls. Making the area engaging and fun to look at. But also, the combination is safe for children. As seen on the word wall below, the majority of the artwork is flat to the wall. This makes for a safer environment as the acrylic is further up. So children would not accidentally walk into it. 

Neasden Library Acrylic Wall - Close
Neasden Library Acrylic Wall - Full
Additional Pieces

Finally in this project, we created a storage unit to keep student’s achievements and certificates in. Using black and red acrylic to match the branding of the area. The multi-section unit provides space to hold a variety of awards and framed certificates. In addition, laser cut letters spelling “achievements” was added to the side. Creating a fun and modern space to show off the student’s hard work.

Neasden Acrylic Achievements Wall
Neasden Acrylic Achievements Wall

In addition to fabrication and manufacturing services, Ino-Plaz also have an in-house design team. This allows for full control over the design and makes the process easier as both the designer and fabricator are in one place. The dedicated Graphic Design and CAD specialists use software to create designs and 3D renders of products and ideas. Using this Computer Aided Design improves the quality of the design and creates a database for manufacturing. As well as showing a more realistic 3D representation of the final design.

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