Light Feature Escalator: The Exchange Ilford

Ilford Exchange Rainbow Escalator

Ino-Plaz worked alongside Kemps to refurbish The Exchange’s interiors.

The main feature being the Light Feature Escalator. Using 52 x 25mm thick acrylic, etched panels were installed between the escalators to create a wave effect.

Also, each panel had RGB lighting beneath it to create the rainbow lighting.

ilford exchange rainbow escalator side view

In addition to fabrication and manufacturing services, Ino-Plaz also have an in-house design team. This allows for full control over the design and makes the process easier as both the designer and fabricator are in one place. The dedicated Graphic Design and CAD specialists use software to create designs and 3D renders of products and ideas. Using this Computer Aided Design improves the quality of the design and creates a database for manufacturing. As well as showing a more realistic 3D representation of the final design.

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