UV Printed Door Signs – Bardney Hall

Bardney Hall is a venue based in Barton, North Lincolnshire. Specialising in weddings and events, providing Jane Austen themed bedrooms for guests. Also function spaces and grounds for people to celebrate their special day.

We were approached to create some new door signs and matching key fobs for the rooms. With their new update to room names, their existing designs needed to be replaced. The new signs and key fobs needed to match Bardney Hall’s branding, with a navy blue and gold theme. For this project, we also used their existing door signs and key fobs as a guideline. Making sure that they are getting the exact size required to easily replace the existing items.

Bardney Hall - Door Sign

Door Signs

One of Bardney Hall’s selling points are their Jane Austen character themed rooms. Each room is named after a character and brings a recognisable literary aspect to the space. Making sure each design matches was extremely important in this project. Ensuring that the only aspect that changes is the room name. So the customer recognises the signs as they are walking around. But also to continue the flow of the branding, with matching key fobs.

The door signs were laser cut from 3mm thick clear acrylic. They were then UV Printed with the design.

Bardney Hall - Group of Key Fobs
Bardney Hall - Group of Key Fobs 2

Key Fobs

To compliment the themed bedrooms, we also recreated their key fobs. An essential for Bardney Hall to ensure guests keys are easy to recognise, with their size and room name added. Guests can find their rooms easily, as they match with the door sign. Also avoiding getting them mixed with the customer’s personal keys. These key fobs are also a useful tool for repeat business, with the telephone number at the bottom and recognisable branding.

These key fobs were lasered from 2mm thick clear acrylic. Using our flatbed printer, we then printed the design.

Acrylic Signage

Directional signs are an essential for any office space, school, reception or shared area. Whether the space is a multi-story office or a studio space, we can create the perfect signs for you. With over 60 colours of acrylic available, we can match any existing branding or create a new theme for the area. Combining finishes to design some really creative designs, such as gloss and satin, metallic, frosted and more.

We have experience providing a range of styles to a variety of areas. Creating way signage in all shapes and sizes, such as room name plates, arrows and toilet signs. Our graphic and CAD team can design acrylic signs that are right for your space. As our CAD team are based in house, we can have full control of the project. Working alongside the client to ensure the products will work for their space.

Additional Services

In addition to fabrication and manufacturing services, Ino-Plaz also have an in-house design team. Allowing for full control over the design and makes the process easier as both the designer and fabricator are in one place. The dedicated Graphic Design and CAD specialists use software to create designs and 3D renders of products and ideas. Using this Computer Aided Design improves the quality of the design and creates a database for manufacturing. As well as showing a more realistic 3D representation of the final design.